School Council

 What is School council?

A school council is a group of people gathered to discuss, overview and analyze various school issues and project ideas and to come up with practical solutions for improvement of pupils’ education and opportunities. The main subgroup within this group consists of pupils elected by other pupils to represent majority’s attitudes, demands, requirements, and views. Aside pupils and students, council gathers parents, teachers, principals, older students and various community leaders and representatives. All of them are gathered with one aim – to continuously improve and empower educational system and provide great opportunities for children to realize their potentials.

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What does School Council do?

Generally speaking, the council is focused on various tasks that will provide the best educational environment for all pupils or students in a given school. The main purpose of the school council is to provide an official channel for pupils to express their opinions, present their requirements and get a chance to make decisions regarding their education. The interaction between a group of students and pupils at one side and teachers, principals, parents and community leaders should breed ideas and innovations that will improve aspects of school life and provide opportunities for all children to take part in educational and social life. Council discusses a wide range of topics, including school financing, renovations, schedule of classes, implementation of various courses, summer camps, sports activities, cultural activities, integration of students in extra curricular activities and many more.