List of Governors

Lea Appointed Governors

Mrs Rosemarie Harris (2015–2019)

Mr Gene Taylor (2014–2018)

Mr David Williams, Community Council (2017–2021)

Parent Governors

Mr Jonah Webb – Chair (2016-2020)

Mrs Jane Smith (2016-2020)

Mrs Val Carter (2017-2021)

Mrs Joanne Dwyer (2017-2021)

Community Governors

Mr Owen Miles (2017-2021)

Mr Grant Barlow (2015-2019)

Mr David Young (2017-2021)

Staff Governors

Mrs Sian Shepherdson (Acting Headteacher)

Mrs Julie Thomas (teacher) (2017-2021)

Mrs Kirstin Willett Non teaching staff) (2016-2020)

Clerk to the Governors

Mrs. Akemi Cuthbertson-Smith